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Welded HDPE Sheet

Product Item: WH-1020
Category: Welded HDPE Sheet
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1. Excellent chemical resistance.
2. Good electrical insulation. 
3. Super low water absorption. 
4. Food safe.
Product Manual:Welded HDPE Sheet has good flexibility and cleanliness easy, and has better impact strength.


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Welded HDPE Sheet has excellent resistance to most living and industrial chemicals. PE Sheet has good chemical stability and can resist the erosion of most acid, alkali, organic solution and hot water. Electrical insulation is good.


1. Resist organic solvents, degreasing agents & electrolytic attack.
2. Excellent chemical resistance.
3. Good electrical insulation.
4. High flexibility (also at low temperature).
5. Good protection against stress cracking .
6. Super low water absorption.
7. Food safe.


Welded HDPE Sheet is used in a variety of applications and industries where excellent impact resistance, high tensile strength, low moisture absorption and chemical and corrosion resistance properties are required.

1. PE water tank. water tower. containers etc.

2. Home decoration, stationery.

3. Rail, support plate, etc.


Thickness and Size of Welded HDPE Sheet

Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Color Standard
1.5~2.5 1000*100m/roll White;
3~50 1220*2440 black;
50~150 1000*2000 Green;
1.Other size and color can be customized
2.Tolerance is around 0~4%

HDPE Properties

Mechanical Properties
Density ISO1183 g/cm3 0.97
Tensile yield strength ISO527 Mpa 17
Breaking elongation ASTM D638 % 500
Bending strength ISO178 Mpa 27
Flexural modulus ISO527 Mpa 680
Shore hardness DIN53505 62
Impact strength ISO179 KJ/M 0
Thermal Properties
Melting point DSC 130
Heat distortion temperature ISO75 65
Operating temperature - 90
Maximum operating temperature - 100
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion DIN53752 2k*10
Electrical Properties
Dielectric strength VDE0303 kv/mm 45
Volume resistivity VD0303 Ω.cm >10xcm
Surface resistivity VDE0303 Ω ≥10
Chemical Properties
Water absorption DIN53495 % 0.01
Acid resistance +
Alkali resistance +
Acid and alkali resistance +
Resistance to sodium chlorate -
Resistance to aromatic compounds 0
Resistance to ketone +
Resistance to hot water 0
Flammability UL94 HB
Viscosity EC90/128 -
Non toxic FDA +
Coefficient of friction DIN53375 0.25
Anti-ultraviolet -


1. Above data is only for reference. It may vary according to different processing method and sample.

2. These technical parameters are used as a help.They do not represent a promise of performance.

3. Above specification "+" represents positive, "-" represents negative, "0" represents it depends.




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