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  • About HDPE Raw

    About HDPE Raw

    In the first half of 2018, the trend of domestic PE market was flat, and the fluctuation space was significantly smaller than that of the same period last year. Due to the fluctuation of geopolitical frictions and the continuous decline of EIA inventory, the international crude oil price continued to rise in 2018, and the production cost of polyethylene continued to rise. In 2018, strict environme...

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  • Current situation of PTFE

    Current situation of PTFE

    Chemical industry fluorine chemical industry rose in the 1930s and has a history of nearly 80 years. At present, the world's fluorine chemical products have reached more than 1000 kinds, with a total output of more than 4 million tons, forming a sales market of about 30 billion US dollars. With the progress of science and technology, new varieties of fluorine chemical industry have been introduced...

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